Greek Play Pictures

Greek Play!

Here’s a link to our performance on Monday, just in case you missed our shows this week:


May Day Pics!

Linking Verbs

Monday’s grammar lesson was all about linking verbs – what they are, how we use them, and how their status changes depending on whether the verb is transitive or intransitive. Our game resulted in some fabulous linking, which netted 5X a sweet reward…

Slater Museum!

Checkin’ out Greek statues and talkin’ mythology:

Morning Meeting

On Friday, 5X hosted the 3/4/5 morning meeting. We talked to the audience about our ongoing research into ancient Greece, and each student shared a fun or interesting fact they’d found while researching for their essays.

Field Day!

Wonderful weather, good sportsmanship, and ice cream sandwiches always make for a great day!

Helping out for Earth Day

In preparation for our upcoming Earth Day festivities, we joined with our buddies and representatives from EAG to help plant shrubs, flowers, and even trees near our building. Lots of great, hands-on work happening!

Feet 4 Foote

Today’s snack for Feet 4 Foote day was extra special. Students had a little trouble at first figuring out how to manage this unique treat, but we managed eventually, and many students found it tastier than they thought it would be!

Egypt Immersion Day!

We crowned a new pharaoh, held a parade in her honor, built Play-doh pyramids, feasted, and bridged the Nile. Not a bad day’s work!