Homework for Monday evening April 29th

Boys and girls, what a day! You returned from the rainy weekend refreshed and ready to rock – kudos to you!

I thank you for all your patience and hard work the last few weeks during the state fair unit, and now it’s time to begin anew – onto the biography unit! We’ll discuss the particulars of the assignment/project tomorrow, and I’ll give you the calendar to bring home to share with your family this evening.

Here’s what I’d like you to do for tomorrow…

  1. Math – Fraction Questions. Please read each question and respond as honestly as you can. It’s okay to get some help on this and if you have a great discussion with mom or dad, so much the better!
  2. Midwest States Map – Please take the information on one side of the sheet and fill in the blank map on the back. Feel free to use maps or games on my blog page or any other!
  3. Reading – Each group will read a bit tonight. Please fill out the sheet. This will be used for discussion tomorrow in your book groups.

That’s all, folks!

Mr. C

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