Homework for Tuesday evening May 28th

Howdy all!

What a day of work! Thanks to everyone who kicked it into high gear today – those reports and scripts don’t write themselves! I appreciate how hard you worked on these things not only today but in the last weeks. Almost there!

Here’s the HW…

  1. Math – Fraction work.
  2. Wax Museum Scripts – refer to these and practice in front of the mirror. You should speak between 45 seconds and 1:30. Work on slowing down and making eye contact. You’ll do great!! the Wax Museum is set for Thursday from 1:30-2:30.

**Tomorrow is our Field Trip to YMCA Camp Ingersoll. Please bring layers and a good lunch. A water bottle and sunscreen and bug spray are recommended as well. We’ll leave campus around 9am and will return right around 3pm.


Have a wonderful evening,

Mr. C

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