Year-End Wrap/Math Packets/Upcoming Summer~

Howdy all,

I wanted to send along a quick note of thanks and a wish for each and every one of you on this blogroll. Have a summer filled with laughter, adventure, reflection, and whatever else you love to do! I know that I value the summers to rest and recharge a bit and I hope you all get the chance to unwind a bit as well.

Below, you’ll find some the links for the summer math packets.

Math Letter

Summer Calendar

Question of the Day

I emailed everyone earlier today as well. I included your child’s wax museum performance. If you are unable to open the file or it doesn’t work for whatever reason, please reach out to me and I’ll get it fixed. We are very sorry we couldn’t include all 54 fourth graders in a file so that you could see everyone – this was our original plan. Thanks again for all your kindness, patience, flexibility, good cheer, and willingness to work hard this year!

Have a lovely summer


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