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Welcome one and all to my class blog. As you may know by now, my name is John Climie, and I have been teaching at Foote since 1942 – holy cow! Seriously, I consider myself extremely lucky to come to work each day, and think teaching is the most rewarding job there is. I encourage you to check out not only this blog, but the blogs of other Foote teachers – there is some amazing stuff going on in this place!

A little about me…

I turned 46 this summer, and am married to my wife of seventeen years. Her name is Keri and she is a teacher as well. Our two children keep us plenty busy and make us smile every day. Scout, our daughter, is in 8th grade at Adams Middle School in Guilford. She likes to play lacrosse, basketball, and field hockey and she is an extremely loving and patient big sister to our son, Bodhi, who is starting fifth grade in Guilford this year. He is an active little guy who is more perceptive than many adults (which gets him in a fair amount of hot water from time to time) – needless to say, he keeps us all on our toes! Keri and I realize how truly lucky we are and count our blessings each day for what we have.

In addition to teaching, I coach lacrosse year-round, I play golf when I can (not much!), and I love summertime, bass fishing, the Detroit Red Wings, funky music, and Martha’s Vineyard (I have been there every summer since I was three years old!). Oh, and I have perfected the art of homemade chicken soup. Thanks so much for checking out my blog!

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  1. Are you willing to share your perfected recipe of homemade Chicken Soup? If so, I’d love to make “Mr. Climie’s Chicken Soup” some day soon!

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