Mid-summer moves

The Hosley Gym has become a staging area as old classrooms are converted to new spaces, old spaces change to new offices, and old offices become new classrooms! The new building is getting tricked out with lockers and flooring. Lots more to happen though before the Dedication and Ribbon Cutting in September! Continue reading

Summer is here!

Students have gone home for the summer, classrooms are empty, and teachers are busy boxing up their textbooks, files, posters, knickknacks, tchotchkes, and other doodads. The construction team is working hard to ensure that we’ll be able to move in by the end of the summer. Herewith a sampling of what’s been happening over the past month at the Jonathan Milikowsky Science & Technology Building.  Continue reading

Cabinets and Things to Fill Them

May has ushered in lots of changes to the new building: it is actually getting furnished! Custom cabinets are being installed, and the exterior siding is almost finished. We only have three more weeks of classes, and when students depart, a new game called “musical classrooms” will begin! Stay tuned for more blog posts during the summer.  Continue reading

Foote School Rules and Other Musings

What a thrill to see all parts of the new building getting completed. We’re in the last few months of construction and the look and feel of the spaces can be easily detected now. The sustainable Ipe (ee-pay) wood decking will soon be installed, and the gleaming solar panels are ready to feed the building with all sorts of energy needed to heat, cool and light it up.  Continue reading