End-of-School Fun

The gang  🙂

Third graders performed two plays this morning: How Coyote Brought Fire and The Emperor’s New Clothes.

1Z practiced reading dialog when they presented their “pig” writing.

We talked briefly about the D-Day anniversary and read Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot, a true story about the Berlin Airlift.

Then, like the wonderful helpers in The Elves and the Shoemaker, the 1Z elves helped organize materials all around the classroom. 🙂

End of the Year Fun

Everyone was invited to hear the fourth graders speak as various historical characters during their Wax Museum in the Twichell Room. I met Dr. Seuss, Mark Twain, Thomas Gallaudet (founder of the famous school for the deaf; we heard about him during the Voyage of the Mimi.  Who else? Sally Ride, Sylvia Earle (first female head of NOAA; also in one episode of the Mimi), Laura Ingalls Wilder, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jim Henson, Sonia Sotomayor and many more.

We also had the first batch of third graders visit to read their Australian animal reports. By the end of next week, about seventeen third graders will have come through to tell us about the fascinating creatures found on that continent (or in its oceans).


It looks like the common yellowthroat wants to make a pinwheel.  🙂

‘Pinwheel’ was a new word for most of the class, but they made many connections to anemometers and other tools we’ve used as we’ve investigated wind speed.

We went outside and tested our pinwheels; it was fun to figure out where the wind was coming from. Many kids made a connection to windmills. 🙂

Honeybee Swarm

Have you ever seen a beehive swarm? In the spring, in a healthy hive, the queen leaves with about half the bees (about 30,000) and looks for a new place to live; remaining bees raise a new queen and keep the hive going.

Beekeepers watch and try to capture the swarm to put in a new hive. One of our hives swarmed today; they will be recaptured in the morning when it’s cool and they’re calm.

This is how they looked as they started settling on a winged euonymous about ten feet from the hive. A few hours later, they had crawled inside the bush and were hanging in a huge blob.

Word Play: Building Sentences

What kinds of words do sentences need? Partners sorted word cards and created sentences, noticing that every sentence has a noun and a verb, and that many begin (or ended) with interjections. 🙂 There was conversation about adjective order, as well, that it sounds funny to say a “blue, tiny bird” instead of a “tiny, blue bird.”

Always thinking…

Welcome to a fly-on-the-wall peek into what the kids are up to each day. Feel free to comment.

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