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Learning About Fish Adaptations




























As part of our Oceans unit, and in preparation for our visit to the Mystic Aquarium, the children have been learning about the many fish adaptations that enable these fascinating creatures to survive in their environment.

Coloration, body shape, special appendages, bioluminescence, and symbiotic relationships are just some of the adaptations that the children learned about in class. They were very excited to test their knowledge by looking through books and locating fish and identifying examples of these special features! Their deep interest, and learning was evident when we visited Mystic Aquarium. Hearing eager children calling out, “That fish has disruptive coloration!” or “Look at that fish with the compressed shape!” and “There’s a false eye!” was just terrific!


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Mystic Aquarium Field Trip

What a beautiful day to have for our trip to Mystic Aquarium! The children had tons of fun getting to see so many animals up close and in person. There were many highlights from our trip, and I’m sure that your children will enjoy sharing their favorite animals and exhibits with you!

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May Day 2019

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Anthems and Community

Recently, we discussed how singing anthems can serve as a common language for different communities, and they can be a way of bringing people together with a message of shared values. We listened to both the Star-Spangled Banner, and the Australian National Anthem and tried to notice these kinds of themes. After a rich conversation, the children then had an opportunity to take on the role of song writer for our Foote School community. They worked together to come up with an anthem that clearly represents the values that we share as a school. As you read the four different “anthems,” I think you will see a common thread, and that is what makes this school and its students so special!


Together we follow Falco’s Pride

We are all unique in diverse ways

In 103 years, the school went from boxes to a community-

Written down in Gray and Maroon.

Falco’s Pride unites the School.


United as a community, together we stand

To learn subjects such as Writing, Reading and Math.

We share our ideas and celebrate agreeably.

At assemblies, we sing with joy and pride.

United as a community, together we stand, we are the Foote family.


We are one.

We are a community.

We have Falco’s Pride to follow.

We unit with friendship, we are a Foote family.

We work hard, we have team work.

We are brave. We are bold.

We are outstanding.


We understand, and we are safe at Foote.

We’re all unique in everything we do.

We’re kind and we respect others, too.

Diversity makes us a community,

here at Foote School.

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Field Day 2019

Here are a few highlights from our fun-filled Field Day!


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Learning About the Didgeridoo









































Understanding the culture of the Aboriginal people has been an important part of our Australia study. The children learned how an authentic didgeridoo musical instrument is made and played. They then used their understanding of Aboriginal symbols and art to design and paint their own didgeridoo instruments. Everyone is looking forward to gathering together to play their new instruments in the coming days!


































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Australian Animal Research

Most students remember when third graders visited their Second Grade classes to present with pride their Australian animal reports. Now it is time for our class to experience this study first hand, and the children have been very eager to begin!

We started our research by creating a class web of information that the children would be curious to learn if studying an animal. The main topics that came up were an animal’s appearance, habitat, food, enemies, life cycle, and behavior. The class also brainstormed many inquisitive questions for each of these topics.

Our trip to the library provided the children with time to browse through numerous books filled with information on oodles of Australian animals. The children poured through the pages with excitement; enthused to share information with their classmates about an animal that seemed particularly unusual or fascinating. Next it was time to choose their animal to research!

Last week the class learned about, and practiced note-taking skills through a mini-study of the red kangaroo. Once everyone felt confident with highlighting pertinent information, and taking notes in bullet form, they began using these new skills for the animal they are studying.

Soon the children will be learning how to use information from notes to write well-structured paragraphs.

This class of curious learners is already delighting in the research process, as they become animal experts. And since the children will be sharing their completed reports with peers, they will have even more opportunities to learn about the many intriguing animals of Australia!


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Beginning Fractions Work!

We used pattern blocks as manipulatives to provide a concrete introduction to our fraction work. As we delve deeper into the unit, children will be moving to more abstract fraction experiences.

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Australia-Land of Contrasts

In studying places and landscapes of Australia, the children are recognizing why this continent is known as the land of contrasts!

Each student chose a photo of an Australian landscape for inspiration. From desert sand dunes to lush forests, and coastal oases, they created majestic water color paintings. Then the class wrote haiku poetry to accompany their beautiful artwork.

The children will be sharing their wonderful paintings and poetry next Friday, May 3rd in the Twichell Room during our Friday Morning Meeting. If you can make it, we will be presenting between 8:15-8:30, and we’d love to see you there!


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Library Visit

Today we visited the library to familiarize ourselves with many of the unique and intriguing animals of Australia. As the children browsed through books, they shared with excitement what they noticed about the different animals they encountered. Next week each student will choose the animal that they will be researching!

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