Mashantucket Pequot Museum

Last week, the first and second grades were very fortunate to spend the day together with several generous chaperones. The children were able to ask and answer many of their questions by exploring a life-size recreation of a Pequot village from the 1550s (the bulk of the focus of our social studies curriculum). Additionally, they spent time learning about the Ice Age and modern day Native Americans.


Field Day

The weather was perfect, the energy level was high, we showed excellent sportsmanship, and had a fabulous day together on Field Day.

Seasonal Wigwams

We have had a great time researching and modeling what was special during each of the seasons, several hundred years ago in this area. For the past three weeks, we have partnered with our peers from 2-Y to brainstorm and strategize how to represent those ideas.

Planting Seeds


Last Thursday, in connection with our Soils and Organisms units as well as Earth Day, with the help of an expert parent, the second grade planted the seeds that we put through the cold stratification process several weeks ago. To start the seeds, the children created soil blocks using a press and the compost from our Sacred Woods, and much to our surprise and delight, when we returned to school this morning, there were many sprouts. In addition to the milkweed and wildflower seeds, we planted lettuce and made signs to put up to try help prevent the plants from being trampled.